Laura's Light

Providing a light for those in the dark


We're raising money for mental health organisations to help improve the resources available to the general public.


Who are we?

Here at Laura's Light we like to think of ourselves as a fun and fresh approach to fundraising. Steering away from the mundane, we want to give something in return instead of a stereotypical donation. Our aim is for our products to be sought after and our events to be so enjoyable that people don't just attend for the charitable side of things. This way we can build a sustainable fundraising model that can last for years to come!

What do we do?

We generate money through selling products, hosting events and donations from individuals and corporations. (Make sure you check out the Gallery of light to see what they get up to!) Mental Health charities and organisations get in touch with Laura's Light and tell us what they need, we then decipher through which charities would benefit the most from the funds we have raised. We look out for the charities and proposal's that use the money to directly impact people, as oppose to charities that spend their public charity donations on marketing etc!

 "You are truly helping us support our local community's mental health."

MIND (Basildon)


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